Due to extra surcharges, Crystal Tomato no longer posts to shopping malls, centres, townships, farms, government buildings, and we would prefer posting to PO Box or Private Bag addresses.
Deliveries to out-lying areas will be sent to the nearest Post Office.

Crystal Tomato Client Indemnity
1. Crystal Tomato Products is at your own risk when purchased over the website.
2. Crystal Tomato will not be held responsible for any reactions/side-effects caused directly or indirectly by Crystal Tomato.
3. Crystal Tomato will not exchange or refund any products after it has left our distribution center.
4. Crystal Tomato expects it's clients to make informed decisions before a purchase is made.
5. Crystal Tomato advises you to consult with your GP or Dermatologist first before use of our products.
6. Crystal Tomato offers no money back guarantees.



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